Channon Goodwin artist / artsworker

2013, Jun–

Surface Noise

Eugene Carchesio, Alex Cuffe, ∑gg√e|n, Lawrence English, HAPPY COOL, Benjamin Kolaitis, The Histrionics, Darren Sylvester. Curated by: Channon Goodwin Dates: 12-29 June 2013

'Surface Noise' — bringing together music and video clips by several Australian artists working across visual and aural modes of creative practice. Visitors are invited to indulge in a series of full-length albums by Eugene Carchesio, ∑gg√e|n, The Histrionics, Lawrence English, and Darren Sylvester as well a mix of diverse audio works by Alex Cuffe and Benjamin Kolaitis. Also featured is a video clip by HAPPY COOL, a collaboration between artists Jon Mark Oldmeadow and Lisa Stewart. Together, Surface Noise provides an auditory sojourn through rock’n’roll swagger, sweet pop, ambient observations and avant-garde explorations.


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