Channon Goodwin artist / artsworker

2014, Apr–

dudproject #1

Featuring Alison Ingamells, Annabelle Kingston, Channon Goodwin, Fountain Gate, Jimmy Nuttall, Kiron Robinson, Lou Hubbard, Lyndal May Stewart, Madé Spencer-Castle, Nina Mulhall, Sam Fagan.

After 2 years in Melbourne’s most contemporary corridor, DUDSPACE finally emerges from its confines to take over the entire space of KINGS Artist Run. For dudproject #1 the curatorial rationale is simple: artists cannot utilise any of the conventional gallery spaces. What is left is an empty gallery. The bare bones uncovered, the DUD spaces evident.

DUDSPACE has always been about great art in a shit space. dudproject #1 extends this notion further, by forcing artists to think outside the white cube. By inserting them back into the traditional space it forces them to re-re-contextualise their work once again. DUDSPACE allows the cream to rise to the top, and the shit to sink to the bottom.


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