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2014, Jul–

dudproject #1.1: Failure Works

23 Jul 2014–26 Jul 2014 Curated by DUDSPACE. Featuring Alison Ingamells, Annabelle Kingston, Channon Goodwin, Danielle Hakim, Hannah Smith, Jeremy Eaton, Jimmy Nuttall, Kiron Robinson, Lou Hubbard, Lyndal May Stewart, Madé Spencer-Castle, Nikos Pantazopoulos, Sam Fagan, and Sanja Pahoki.

To mark the launch of the dudlication for dudproject #1 DUDSPACE and dudprojects present dudproject #1.1: dudproject #1.1: Failure Works.

dudproject #1.1: Failure Works is the beta (but probably not better) version of dudproject #1; a week-long exhibition showing those works that never worked, the unresolved, unfulfilled, unanswered and uncertain pieces that failed for a multitude of reason or just one (it was shit).

dudproject #1.1: Failure Works asks 14 DUD artists to resuscitate and resurrect that artistic thorn that’s been haunting them since high school, that sticky poo that they can’t get rid of and publicly show the piece they should have tossed out years ago.

Failure Works plays with the success of failure and the failure of success and asks the eternal DUD question: will the shit outshine the gold or is the shit actually the gold? I couldn’t find room for my Oprah quote…

I don’t believe in failure.

Oprah Winfrey



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dudproject #1.1: Failure Works
dudproject #1.1: Failure Works
dudproject #1.1: Failure Works
dudproject #1.1: Failure Works