Channon Goodwin artist / artsworker

Curriculum vitae

2012 – Current: Gallery Director, Bus Projects
2016 - Current: Founding Convener of All Conference
2011 - 2013: Chair, Board of Directors, Boxcopy
2007 – 2013: Co-Director/Founder, Boxcopy
2009 – 2012: Coordinator Programming (Visual Arts), Metro Arts
2008 – 2009: Project Assistant, Exhibition Management, QAG | GoMA

2014-2015: ‘Retrospectives’ including solo exhibitions by Brad Haylock, Katie Lee, Adam Cruickshank, Archie Moore, Arlo Mountford. 2013-2014: ‘Not only but also’ including solo exhibitions by Sarah Byrne, Juliet Rowe, James L. Marshall, Joseph Breikers, Sam Cranstoun, Meredith Turnbull, Veronica Kent, Kenzee Patterson, Sebastian Moody, Kate Mitchell, Catherine or Kate. (Curated)
2013: ‘Put Up a Signal’ Participating artists from Australia and Indonesia include: Irwan Ahmett (ID), Muhammad Akbar (ID), Akiq AW (ID), Tristan Jalleh (AU), Greatest Hits (AU), Eugenia Lim (AU), Oliver van der Lugt (AU), Rowan McNaught (AU), Sean Peoples (AU), Anggun Priambodo (ID), Emile Zile (AU), M.R. Adytama Pranada a.k.a Charda (ID). (Curated by: Ruang MES 56, Bus Projects and Asialink Arts)
2013: ‘Surface Noise’ featuring Eugene Carchesio, Alex Cuffe, ∑gg√e|n, Lawrence English, HAPPY COOL, Benjamin Kolaitis, The Histrionics, Darren Sylvester. (Curated)
2013: ‘Thank you very much’featuring Adam Cruickshank, Robin Hungerford, Katie Lee, Ms&Mr, Dell Stewart, Erika Scott, Tim Woodward. (Curated)
2013: ‘On Top of the World’, Annie Wu and Ziga Testen. (Curated in collaboration with Spacecraft)
2013: ‘HOUSEWARMING’ featuring Sarah Byrne, Eric Demetriou, Jaya Fausch, Andy Hutson, Cheralyn Lim, Taree Mackenzie, Lyndal May Stewart, Jaime Powell, Made Spencer-Castle, Fiona Williams, SHOP SHOP. (Curated)
2012: ‘Rubes!’, Artist-Run Initiative exchange project, FELTspace, Adelaide
2012: The Golden Hind, exhibition featuring James and Elenor Avery, Boxcopy
2011: Towards a Theory of Everything, exhibition featuring Christopher Hanrahan, Boxcopy
2011: Required fields must not be left blank, exhibition featuring Adam Cruickshank, Boxcopy
2011: GHOST HOUSE, one-night performance by Sarah Byrne, Boxcopy
2011: We are made of stardust, exhibition featuring Michaele Gleave, Boxcopy
2011: MDR: All comedy is someone in trouble, exhibition featuring Kel Glaister, Boxcopy
2010: ‘Invisible Structures’, 2-month residency and exhibition, Post-Museum, Singapore
2010: ‘Some Absolute Beauties’, Seventh, Melbourne
2010: ‘Structural Integrity’, site-specific project for 2010 Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
2010: Mood in Progress, exhibition featuring Louise Tahiraj, Boxcopy
2010: Disclose: Project Another Country, Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Boxcopy
2010: Office of Australia, exhibition featuring Dirk Yates, Boxcopy
2008: ‘Great Expectations’, site-specific project for 2008 Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
2008: Lossless, Boxcopy, exhibition featuring the work of Candice Cranmer, Alister Karl, Ngaio Parr, Claire Robertson, Catherine Sagin and Kate Woodcroft.

2014: Dudproject #1, Dudspace at Kings ARI
2010: ‘not apt to disclose secrets’, The Wandering Room, Brisbane
2009: ‘Total Nowhere Emotion Expansion’, Brisbane Festival
2009: ‘The More you Ignore Me The Closer I Get’, University of Queensland Art Museum
2009: ‘Heads You Lose’, Blindside, Melbourne
2008: ‘The Art Resort’, Boxcopy project, Queensland University of Technology
2008: ‘Perfection’, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2008: ‘Great Expectations’, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
2007: ’36 24 36’, Boxcopy, Brisbane
2007: ‘Release 1.2’, Gardens Art Space, Melbourne
2007: ‘Release 1.1’, Brunswick Arts, Melbourne
2007: ‘Release 1.0’, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2007: ‘I Want To Believe’, TCB, Brisbane
2007: ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, The Block, Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology
2006: International Digital Art and Harriet National Digital Art Awards – Beijing

2016: An Irregular Confederacy, Boxcopy Summer School essay, n.p.
2013: All the right moves: The work and work of Kate Mitchell, Das Superpaper, Iss 27, pp.36-7.
2012: Claire Robertson: Emotional Landscapes Series, exhibition catalogue essay, Screenspace, n.p.
2011: The blank-slate state [article], NAVA Quarterly, National Association of the Visual Arts
2011: Was by the Northern Coast [exhibition essay], exhibition by Charles Robb and Courtney Pedersen, Metro Arts
2010: Resistance is futile: Electus Charisma and the art of hype [exhibition essay] Metro Arts, Brisbane
2010: ‘Artist Career’ [Interview], National Association of the Visual Arts
2008: Lossless [exhibition essay], Boxcopy, Brisbane

PRESENTATIONS 2016: ‘Systems of Solidarity: The urgency of socially-engaged practice’ Will Foster, Nuraini Juliastuti, Vanessa Kwan, Timothy Moore and Tien Wei Woon. (co-ordinated with Nina Mulhall) 2016: ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’ Channon Goodwin, Georgina Criddle, Debris Facility, Georgia Hutchison, Nic Tammens, Sarah Werkmeister, and A Centre for Everything. 2014: Put Up a Signal | Publication Launch, speakers: Channon Goodwin, Tara Cook, Yu Jin Seng. 2013: Put Up a Signal Forum, Tara Cook, Edwin Jurriens, Jessica O’Brien, Nella Themelios, Agung Nugroho Widhi, Tristan Jalleh, Eugenia Lim and Rowan McNaught. Chaired by Channon Goodwin. EDUCATION
2015-current: Master of Arts, Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA), Monash University
2006: Bachelor of Fine Art (Visual Art), Honours, Queensland University of Technology
2003-2005: Bachelor of Fine Art (Visual Art), Queensland University of Technology
2001-2002: Diploma of Animation, Southbank Institute of TAFE

2016-current: Founding member, All Conference
2016: The Artist-Director: Peter Cripps and John Nixon at the Institute of Modern Art, paper presentation, MADA Fine Art Postgraduate Symposium, Monash University
2015: Chair, 'Emerging Artist Panel Discussion', GOMA Q, GOMA|GOMA
2011: Member of advisory group, ‘We Are Here’ & ‘ARIna’, National Association of the Visual Arts
2011: Panel speaker, ‘We Are Here’ & ‘ARIna’, National Association of the Visual Arts


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